Early Stages

The Province directory of 1975-76 mentions for the first time the role of "Delegate for mass media" but only from 1991 November the province has a full-time delegate for social communications, in the person of Fr. Joe Andrew. The delegate was given an office in the Don Bosco Youth Services building.

In the early stages the delegate edited the provincial news bulletin "Intercom"; animated Salesians in formation in the area of communication and mass media, and worked towards establishing a communication centre. During this period the delegate visited a number of houses to write special articles on the houses in our province.

In the Provincial Chapter of 1992, the Youth Pastoral team in the province was restructured, that is the delegate for social communication also became a member of the Youth Pastoral team, that is media communications ministry was added to the four traditional dimensions of youth pastoral, (provincial Chapter, 1992, 244/D.11), other provinces are now following this restructuring.

Media Education & Production

Slowly we realized the importance of media education and started animating teachers and youth. Media Education became our main objective. Later we saw the need for producing audio-visuals for animation (especially video cassettes). On 6th August 1993, we released our first video cassette "Nee Pothum Enakku", which was a great success and is still being used for animating parents, teachers and youth. In the mean time a close rapport was established between the Don Bosco publications (especially Arumbu), and Don Bosco Communications. Together we planned for the improvement of our youth magazine Arumbu and other sectors of our communication ministry. On 3rd October 1993, the provincial council approved the new plan and policy formulated jointly by the delegate for social communications and the editor of "Arumbu" (Fr. Amirtharaj Arokiam). This was the beginning of Don Bosco Communication Centre.

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