In the early 1990s DBICA (Don Bosco Institute of Communication Arts) the media wing and the communication centre of the Salesian province of Chennai was launched to address the signs of times and counter the impact of fast-evolving social communication mediums. DBICA, is one of the premier media institutions which is actively involved in imparting values, skills and promoting media literacy among young people and those involved in the field of Social Communications. DBICA has been conducting training in Media Literacy Programmes, Professional courses in Photography, Videography, Editing, Short Film Making, Documentaries, Informative and Educational Social Videos.

Through its multifarious media services, DBICA has created a niche name for itself in the media industry and academic circles in Chennai which is the second important media hub of India. Many stalwarts have passed through its portals and quite many have been associated with the institute in the past quarter-century of its existence.

DBICA is today, a full-fledged communication centre with a well-equipped infrastructure and trained personnel, actively striving to form and empower young people, to become media literate and agents of social transformation. It has reached a notable milestone in bringing both formal and non-formal streams of media education, training, empowerment and employment programmes under one roof.