DBICA Services

Media Production

For public consumption, a variety of short films, documentaries, religious and awareness videos are produced. Short films, documentaries, and corporate videos are also produced for various organisations, individuals and corporates.

Graphic Design

The Design Studio produces high-quality graphic design, layouts and creative visualisations for a wide range of institutions, organisations, and corporates.

Media Research

Initiating relevant research on media related topics. Accompanying and extending support to researchers, we aim to engage scholars who will focus on scientific research to study the latest trends and impact of media and technology on culture, politics, religion, kids, teenagers, and adults in particular and the society at large. This will enable us to contribute scholarly articles pertaining to media periodically to media journals, newspapers, and magazines.

DBICA - SkillVille

SkillVille focuses on designing and delivering creative media and digital technology courses to suit various interest groups. This verticle aims to provide short term and long term hands-on training on various media-related skills like graphic design, animation, sound design, acting, DTP etc. Some of the packages are SMS (Summer Media Skills), Creative Creek & Techtonic.


Media Clinique is a digital wellness mission of DBICA that aims to create awareness of the ill effects of technology overuse and abuse while at the same time offering tips and techniques to counter the same through evidence-based talks, seminars, workshops, masterclasses and lifestyle altering boot camp programs. This will be the new face of media education in general in our region.


  • To nurture the musical aspirations of the young
  • To showcase musical talents of the young to the world
  • To create a launchpad for those seeking careers in the music industry
  • To network with industry professionals
  • To divert attention away from digital addictions

Musiland is a youtube platform that aims to promote the talents of the young who are passionate about music, singing and dancing.


Specifically created to serve the demands of audrium is a contemporary recording studio offering top-notch acoustic recording, mixing, and mastering in an environment that accentuates your euphonious imagination.

The recording studio is now Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 certified and contains equipment from some of the most renowned producers in the music industry. Apple, Yamaha, Pro Tools, AVID Mtrx, Sennheiser, Shure, and Neumann are a few of these. The studio has a big control room and voice booths that have been given acoustical treatment.

The studio also offers plenty of off-road parking spaces. Audrium is adaptable to your demands and offers a broad spectrum of production, recording, and programming skills like voice-over and narration recording, Automated dialogue replacement/Dubbing, ISDN & REMOTE LINKS, Mixing, 7.1.4 Mixing & Foley


Emotions is a portal for budding actors and those in the profession of acting looking for opportunities. Emotions will be a place for established or budding filmmakers to hunt and shortlist prospective talents for auditions.

Chennai is a major hub for the cinema industry in South India. There are many colleges providing degrees and certificates in visual communication and other allied media-related courses. Many deserving and talented youths come to the city aspiring to get into this industry. But there is no easy access to the industry corridors. Therefore, emotions will act as a central repository maintaining their contact details, headshots, samples of their talent in acting and other periodically updated relevant information.