DBICA Productions


"Athirvugal" is a forum that creates opportunities for media personnel, social entrepreneurs to interact with students and other audiences. This will be a professional web channel where we regularly host events, stream or upload pre-recorded content pertaining to media and society related topics which will consist mainly, discussions, debates, interviews, film reviews etc.


NPN is a Tamil Podcast Channel from DBICA. This is an evolving medium and it is available on all major audio streaming services like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts etc. Here you can listen to curated content on a variety of themes like society, culture, youth, parenting, education, and the like.

Main objectives;

  • To create quality audio content in the Tamil language on various topics of relevance and importance to society at large, especially to the youth.
  • To promote the habit of listening to socially and intellectually stimulating content.
  • To convert the existing print version to an audio version for a wider reach.


Aflame is a platform that focuses on nurturing the young in the Christian faith and evangelizing the digital continent using creative means of engagement through the latest social communication platforms.

    We Aim:

  • To create a vibrant online presence of the Church.
  • To groom youth digital apostles who will be messengers and content creators.
  • To creatively present the teachings of the Church to the Youth.